Streets in Saint Paul (MN) with first char M

List of streets in Saint Paul (Minnesota state) with first character M. Found 398 streets.

Macalester College S
Macalester St
Macarthur Ave
Macbeth Cir
Macbeth Ct
Mackubin Cir
Mackubin Ct
Mackubin St
Mackubin St N
Maclaren Pl
Madison St
Mager Ct
Magnetite Pt
Magnolia Ave E
Magnolia Ave W
Magnolia Dr
Magoffin Ave
Mahle Ln
Mahogany Way
Mahtomedi Ave
Maida Ct E
Maiden Ln
Mailand Ct E
Mailand Ct S
Mailand Rd E
Main St
Mainzer St
Majestic Ave
Majestic Ct
Majestic Oaks Ct
Majestic Oaks Pl
Mallard Cir
Mallard Ct
Mallard Dr
Mallard Ln
Mallard Pl
Mallard Ponds Blvd
Mallard Ponds Dr
Mallard Rd
Mallard Vw
Malmo Cir
Malmo Ln N
Malmo Pl
Malvern St
Mamie Ave E
Manitoba Ave
Manitoba Ln
Manitou Ave
Manitou Dr
Manitou Is
Manitou Ln
Manning Ave S
Manomin Ave
Manor Dr
Manor St
Manson St
Manton St
Manvel St
Many Levels Rd
Maple Ave
Maple Blvd
Maple Ct
Maple Hills Dr
Maple Knoll Dr
Maple Lane Ct
Maple Leaf Cir
Maple Leaf Ct
Maple Ln
Maple Ln E
Maple Ln W
Maple Park Ct
Maple Park Dr
Maple Pond Ct
Maple St
Maple Trail Ct
Mapleview Ave
Maplewood Dr
Maplewood Mall
Marble Ln
Marble St
Margaret Ave E
Margaret St
Margaret St N
Maria Ave
Marice Ct
Marice Dr
Marie Ave E
Marie Ave W
Marigold Ave
Marillac Ln
Marilyn Ave
Marina Ln
Mariner Way
Marion Rd
Marion St
Market Place Dr
Market St
Markgrafs Lake Alcove
Markgrafs Lake Bay
Markgrafs Lake Dr
Markgrafs Lake Draw
Markham Pt
Marlin Ave
Marnie Cir S
Marnie Ct S
Marnie St S
Marquis Pt
Marsh Creek Alcove
Marsh Creek Rd
Marsh Ct
Marsh Rdg
Marshall Ave
Martha Lake Ct
Martha Ln
Marthaler Ln
Martin Ln
Martin Way
Mary Adele Ave
Mary Ct
Mary Jo Ln
Mary Ln
Mary Ln S
Mary Pl S
Mary St
Mary St N
Mary St S
Maryknoll Ave
Maryland Ave E
Maryland Ave W
Marys Cir
Marywood Ln
Matilda Cir
Matilda St
Matterhorn Dr E
Matterhorn Ln
Matthew Ct
May St
Mayer Ln E
Mayfair Ave
Mayfair Ct
Mayfair Rd
Mayfield Heights Ln
Mayfield Heights Rd
Mayhill Rd N
Maynard Dr E
Maynard Dr W
Mayre St
Maywood Pl
Maywood St
Mcafee Cir
Mcafee St
Mcandrews Rd
Mcboal St
Mccallum Dr
Mccarrons Blvd N
Mccarrons Blvd S
Mccarrons St
Mccarthy Rd
Mccarthy Rdg
Mcclelland St N
Mcclelland St S
Mcclung Dr
Mccracken Ln
Mcfaddens Trl
Mcgregor Ave N
Mcgregor Ave S
Mcintosh Dr
Mcintosh Rd
Mckee St
Mckinley Dr
Mckinley St
Mcknight Ln
Mcknight Rd N
Mcknight Rd S
Mclean Ave
Mcmenemy Cir
Mcmenemy St
Mea Building
Mead Rd
Meadow Ave
Meadow Brook Alcove
Meadow Brook Bay
Meadow Brook Ct
Meadow Brook Dr
Meadow Brook Pl
Meadow Ct
Meadow Lark Ln
Meadow Ln
Meadowbrook Ct
Meadowlands Dr
Meadowlark Ct
Meadowlark Curv
Meadowlark Ln
Meadowlark Pt
Meadowlark Rd
Meadowlark Way
Meadowood Cir
Meadowood Dr
Meadowood Ln
Meadowood Pl
Meadowview Dr
Mears Ave
Mechanic Ave
Medallion Dr
Medary Ave
Medora Ct
Medora Rd
Meehan Dr
Meghan Ln
Mehigan St Nw
Melissa Ln
Memory Ct
Memory Ln
Mendakota Ct
Mendakota Dr
Mendota Heights Cir
Mendota Heights Rd
Mendota Rd E
Mendota Rd W
Mendota St
Mercer St
Mercury Cir
Mercury Dr W
Merganser Ct
Meridian Dr
Merlot Curv
Merriam Ln
Merrill Cir
Merrill St
Mersey Pt
Mersey Way
Mesabi Ave
Metcalf Dr
Meyer Ct
Meyer St N
Mica Trl
Michael Ave
Michael Dr E
Michael Point Dr
Michael St
Michelle Dr
Michigan Ct
Michigan St
Mickey Ln
Mid Oaks Ln
Mid Oaks Rd
Middle Ln
Middle St
Middleton Ave
Middleton Trl
Midland Ave
Midland Ct
Midland Grove Rd
Midland Hills Rd
Midland View Ct N
Midlothian Rd
Midvale Pl E
Midway Pkwy
Mike Collins Dr
Mildred Dr
Mile Dr
Milford St
Military Cv
Military Rd
Militia Dr
Mill Run Cir
Mill Run Ct
Mill Run Ln
Mill Run Path
Mill St
Miller Ave
Miller Crest Ln
Millwood Ave
Milner St
Milton St N
Milton St S
Mimosa Ln
Mina Ct
Minea St
Minjon Dr
Mink Ln
Minnehaha Ave
Minnehaha Ave E
Minnehaha Ave W
Minnesota Ave
Minnesota St
Minuteman Dr
Miriam St
Mission Ct
Mission House Ln
Mississippi Cir
Mississippi River Blvd N
Mississippi River Blvd S
Mississippi St
Misty Ln
Mitchell Ave
Mitchells Ct
Moccasin Ave
Mohawk Ave
Mohawk Rd E
Mohican Ct
Mohican Ln
Monarch Way
Monastery Way
Monet Ct
Monet Ln
Monn Ave
Monn Ct
Monroe Ct
Montana Ave E
Montana Ave W
Montana Cir E
Montcalm Ct
Montcalm Hl
Montcalm Pl
Montclair Ave
Monterey Ave
Monterey Ct N
Monterey Ct S
Monterey Dr
Monterey Ln
Montgomery St
Monticello Alcove
Monticello Ave
Monticello Dr
Montmorency St
Montreal Ave
Montreal Cir
Montreal Way
Montrose Ln
Montrose Pl
Montrose Rd
Moon Lake Cir
Moon Lake Ct
Moonbeam Ln
Mooney Dr E
Mooney Dr W
Moonlight Bay
Moonlight Dr
Moonlight Pl
Moonstone Dr
Moore St
Moray Ave
Morehead Ave
Moreland Ave E
Moreland Ave W
Moreland Cir
Moreland Ct E
Morgan Ave
Morgan St
Morgan Trl
Morningside Ave
Morningside Cir
Morningside Dr
Morningside Pl
Morris St Nw
Morrison St
Morson Cir
Morton St E
Morton St W
Mound Ave
Mound St
Mounds Ave
Mounds Blvd
Mounds St Ne
Moundsview Ave
Moundsview Dr
Mount Airy St
Mount Curve Blvd
Mount Hope Dr
Mount Hope St
Mount Ida St
Mount Ridge Rd
Mount Vernon Ave
Mount Vernon Ct
Mount Vernon Ln
Mourning Dove Ct
Mulberry Alcove
Mulberry Cir
Mulberry Ct
Mulberry Dr
Mulberry Pl
Munster Ave
Muriel Blvd
Murphy Pkwy
Murray Ave
Murray St
Mustang Ave
Mustang Cir
Mustang Dr
Myrle Ave
Myrman Ave
Myrtle Ave
Myrtle Ct N
Myrtle St
Myrtle St N
Mystic St

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